Visualizing a new pergola in your backyard space can be tricky. Renderings and still photography may give you an idea of what your pergola could look like, but there is nothing like the real thing. Thankfully, Selt provides product samples during meetings to help both parties gauge the structural integrity of the system before purchasing.

After all, seeing is believing and nobody ever wants to feel uninformed especially upon a big purchase. If your fortunate local dealers will have pergolas in their showrooms to help you make a more informed decision. Below we will tackle Selt system parts to better help you understand our louvered pergola.



Selt manufacturers two systems, the Sunbreaker 400 & Sunbreaker 500. There are a few main differences between the two, starting with size. The SB400 beam is 8.31’’ x 3.68’’ whereas the SB500 beam is 11.42” x 5.90”. The max projection/length of a single beam for both systems is 22.96’. The max-width of a single beam for the SB400 is 13.12’ and 16.40’ in the SB500.

The second main difference between the SB400 and the SB500 is that the latter is heavier and has more load-bearing. With the SB400, you can connect two free-standing systems, but each system must have all four of its posts for a total of eight. Whereas the SB500 can make two systems modular by sharing a center supporting beam for a total of six posts.


Pergola SB400 Beam - Seltsystems
SB400 Beam
SB500 Pergola Beam - Seltsystems
SB500 Beam











In the end, the blades are what make the system functional. Certainly, the blades wouldn’t move without the motor, but we’ll get there later. Our blades are designed with a U-shaped cup to collect water when the system is closed shut. This way when you open the system after a rain shower, your patio furniture won’t get drenched from the fallout.

Selt System blades are always run with the width of the system. We do not make blades that expand beyond 16.40’ so it’s important to keep this in mind when you are plotting the positioning of your system.

The SB400 blades are 8.5” x 1.56” and the SB500 blades are 10.5” x 2.37”. This may not seem like a great difference on the surface, however, when you hold each sample in your hands (yes those are my hands!) you will see a noticeable difference in proportions.


SB400 Blade
SB400 Blade









The powder-coated aluminum blades can be painted in any color from our RAL color palette. Also, keep in mind that you have the option to make the roof a different color from the posts.



SB500 Blade
SB500 Blade









Gutters & Drainage Footings

When you order a Selt System you will receive the beams, blades, posts, gutter, footings & motor. Each system we sell comes equipped with our integrated water drainage system. This U-shaped gutter gets built in right below the operable roof and helps manage unwelcomed water flow. The gutter then funnels the water into two drainage posts.



SB500 Gutter
SB400 Drainage Footing










For the customer, it is important to be aware of where these footings will drain relative to your property. You can even sit under the closed roof of the pergola during a rainstorm and stay dry! Please do keep in mind that there is always a slight possibility you may get wet from crosswind rain.



The posts play a crucial role in the system by maintaining and keeping things level. The posts in the SB400 are 5.90” x 3.68” and 5.90” x 5.90” in the SB500. Again, you’re getting a bigger, more sturdy post in the SB500.

Both posts will come with the footing plates and the customer or dealer will have the option to select where he or she wants the posts positioned on the plate. To screw the feet to the ground, we recommend bolts or anchors of ½” in diameter.


SB500 Post
Left Post
Middle Post
Right Post




















For the system to run at full tilt, we will need to run power. Enter in, the 24V DC Picolo XL actuator. When it comes to this power source, the closer you are to a power outlet, the better. Proximity with power will make it easier to bury and conceal the cables so wires aren’t dangling around your system and through your yard.

Our motors are extremely quiet as they power the blades open and closed. We often hear from our customers that hearing that soft turn of the motor while opening and closing makes it all worth it.


Electric motor with a switch










There are many parts that play a role in the construction of our system. Our extruded aluminum stands the test of time by meeting CE standards for quality and assurance. While there are smaller parts that make up this system as a whole, we hope to help you make an informed decision on the components that truly matter. It’s important to evaluate the quality and logic of the parts to discover what best suits your project.

Connect with a representative today to see how the Selt system might fit into your backyard plans.